Thursday, August 1, 2013

Go Healthy Even with Takeaways!

So we’re always busy, right? It’s like we’re racing with the clock. That is a good thing in some angles. It does mean we are capable of being busy- capable of working, but there are things that we should be watchful of.

Our meals, for example, are very important because we can go crazy without them- not necessarily immediately after we skip lunch to finish a deadline, but we can easily go ballistic when something goes awry because we are just hungry! Of course, it is not advised to skip lunch or dinner, even if you’re in a strict diet. You should be able to pull off a decent lunch even in just 15 minutes.

That is why we always choose to go or takeaway foods. They’re easy to manage. You just buy them, open, and munch till they’re gone! But yes, you are indeed right: these foods are not healthful. It’s a little crazy, right? If we skip meals, we get sick; if we eat a lot of fast food, we get sick as well. What to do?

This is now the time that we go creative with our takeouts. Yes, that is possible. Whether we like pizza, chicken, or fish and chips, we can still manage to stay on the safer side of the food choice.

Chicken, Breads, and Salads

Love chicken? Yes, you’re probably rolling your eyes with a do-you-even-need-to-ask subtext. So how do we pull of a healthier barbecued chicken? First, you need to remove the skin. Yes, you got that right. Skin is out, my friends! It is high in salt and fat. So, unless you want to boost up your blood pressure, do away with chicken skin.

And yes, do not finish one whole chicken for lunch! The best serving size of meat is almost like the size of your palm. Also, garlic bread goes best with this. You can make your own garlic bread as well. Choose a spread that is very low in fat. Mince or grate a couple of garlic, mix, spread on the bread, and toast. Voila! You have yourself a decent homemade garlic bread- and it’s almost fat free! Toss a little salad as well, and you’re barbecued chicken served with garlic bread and salad is good to go.

Speak of salads, make your own! This is very advantageous because you will be able to choose or be creative with the content of your salad. Takeaway salads like coleslaw are very high in salt and fat. Make yours healthier. Instead of dressings that could forfeit the purpose of eating a healthy salad, try using apple cider vinegar and a little salt for flavour. And if the flavour is still not good enough, you can add herbs such as parsley and/or mint.

Pizzas and Salads

Pizza is just inevitable. This is just one of the most convenient, most delicious foods that come in a box! Well, a thinner box, that is. Good news, pizza lovers! You can also choose to be more “watchful” with your diet, even if you’re eating pizza. You just got to stay away from thick crust, for starters. Choose thin-crust. And for the toppings, choose chicken breast or prawns- if you’re not allergic, together with vegetables like mushroom, onions, and capsicum.

Again, you can choose to pair it with the healthiest salad choice. Limit the number of slices of pizza. You can do that with the help of the salad you made on your own. One more thing: go easy on the cheese.
Fish and Chips – and Salads. Of course, a good salad, again, is always the perfect pair. However, for dinner, you can go excessive on the salad. It should compose one-half of your dinner.

It is easy, right? We can choose to make foods more healthful as this is an obligation and a responsibility to our bodies. Never be too busy to pop up a healthful lunch or dinner!

It is also advisable to make your own lunch or dinner and bring it to work. Going to restaurants and fast foods can easily drain up your money. Even highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen advise cooking your own food instead of ordering from a restaurant or other food establishments.

Wake up earlier to be able to pack up your own lunch. Food is where we get our energy and the nutrients that our bodies need. We should be very careful with what we eat. We should stay healthy at all times.

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