Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fish and Chips: How to Make It Healthier

I have already proven to you that fish and chips does have its health benefits in my previous post, Fish and Chips: a Healthy Take away.

I commend a lot of people for being very vigilant and watchful when it comes to their health. You are one of them; that is why you are here. Again, that’s a good thing!

Some people think that the healthful foods are the ones that have a bland taste. That’s not necessarily true. That’s just depriving yourself from delicious food, which, by the way, is something that should not be done abruptly. Do not absolutely avoid your previous food choices because you found out about their healthful alternatives; that your previous food choices threatened your health. Do that slowly. Anyway, going back...

What are the main contents of fish and chips? Of course, fish AND chips. Nothing else is there. That is why your paranoia (the ever present paranoia) is understandable. We get it. You want to stay healthy by making good food choices. I know that I have already convinced you to a certain degree that fish and chips is a healthful treat, but you can still make it healthier!

In eating fish and chips, condiments matter a lot! People dread condiments at times because they think these condiments are filled with fat, calorie, etc. Are there any healthier options?

Alter to Healthier!

  • Choose Your Ketchup
If you are addicted to ketchup, try choosing a different one this time. Ketchup can be high in sugar. Try visiting the store and look for ketchup low in sodium; also, try looking for ketchup with no salt and extra sugar added.

  • Salsa: Ketchup’s Better Version?
Salsa is one of the best condiments there is. If you prefer ketchup but it just does not fit into your “healthy food choices” oath anymore, salsa can save you from the unnecessary longing. Salsa tastes like ketchup; however, it is filled with tomato slices and other spices with lesser processed ingredients. This is a healthy condiment for fish and chips!

  • Presto Pesto!
If you are a mayo person, sometimes replacing the mayo provided in our orders helps best. If you can find a low-fat mayonnaise, then good for you! However, if you really want to keep it healthier, you can choose “pesto” instead. Unlike mayonnaise, pesto has a better reputation in healthy eating. It has spinach, which is a good source of different vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants. All these contribute to good health. And the olive oil in pesto can also provide you with healthy fats.

  • The Infamous Mustard
Mustard! Yuck! Said the kids. However, as a adult in your own household, you should teach your kids to slowly be acclimated with mustard- their taste buds, at least. Mustard is one of the best alternatives to replace mayo. Mustard, compared to mayonnaise, contains lesser fats.

One of the characteristics of fish and chips is that it should be enjoyed with the best condiment there is. And for people who are very much health conscious, stop your fear; fish and chips is still good for you. It contains both fish and chips, right?

Experiment with your food; combine all the things that you know about healthy food choices to your cravings for fish and chips. Make a healthier fish and chips version, so that you won’t feel guilty with every chew that you make!