Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inexpensive Workout Routines

In today’s demands to be healthy, we find ourselves battling from one reality to another, and somehow, we end up spending too much on things that we could’ve just neglected anyway.

We all love the idea of exercising. It does have a psychological effect- aside from the physical effects, of course. Sometimes we are more motivated to perform our routines especially if we think we are already on our way to achieving our goals.

But there are really times when we need to trim down our expenses, and our monthly gym membership is on the top of our list when we think about trimming. Does that mean that we need to stop exercising?
No. That only means that we need to find alternatives. Inexpensive workouts are just around the corner- even inside your house! You just need to learn how and where to begin.

Around the Block or Over the Hill

Literally. Your choice. Jog, jog, and jog. We all know that. Sweat out in your neighbourhood. That does not require money, right?

When inside your house, think of all the routines when you’re working out at the gym and perform those that do not require lifting equipment that can only be found there. Remember the leg lifts, sit ups, push ups, etc? Yes, those are still helpful to get you into shape.

The Internet

There are tons of workout videos on YouTube. Search a few and try them. There are very good videos that could inspire you even when you’re simply working on what you have.


These are available in DVD stores, of course. There are many workout DVDs. You can play one at home and simply follow all the routines the instructor performs. You will certainly sweat out.

Form a Group

You don’t have to work out alone. This is a strategy of some people. They do not perform their routines alone, so that even if they feel lazed out to do so, they will still be forced or even be inspired because of the group. This is one way of staying on track. As much as possible, no misses.

Mobile Apps

Make use of modern day technology; make use of your mobile phones. If your mobile phone gets you to sit for hours just to play this downloaded game that you love, it can also certainly get you in shape.

Walk It

Walking is underestimated by many, but that should not be your case. Walking may seem light, but if you do it often, it can be counted as exercise. Who says you have to be in the right outfit just to walk? In your workplace, you can simply choose the stairs than the elevator. It’s a little tiring, but once you get the hang of it, you may even think of getting another round.

Right on Schedule

Make sure you have a fixed time on performing these simple routines. If it is time to do them, get up from your seat and walk a little (if walking is simply your alternative for now). Do not procrastinate. Your body does not need it.

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