Monday, August 19, 2013

Spreading Good Deeds with The Fish

The story of “The Fish” goes way back in 2001 and has evolved into a quite interesting feat when the two new owners, Brett and Mick, came into the picture and gave the store a refreshing come back.

As former customers of The Fish before becoming the new owners, Brett and Mick recognized a certain ambiance and character in it that made them regular customers of The Fish back in the days. And with that in mind, they aim to preserve that spirit and character because they believe that these are two factors make The Fish different from other Fish and Chips restaurant in the Gold Coast.

Just like any other business, The Fish has its ups and downs but what’s best about is the owners’ unwavering enthusiasm in making it the best on Fish and Chips in the southern Gold Coast. Being more involved and hands on with the business now, Mick and Brett ensure that their customers will love their dining experience at The Fish with food served with finest quality.

It is always a different experience when you visit The Fish. As both owners and their families have always said, “you just like walking into the shop”. The food is great, the service crew is friendly and professional, and the place is clean, which gives the shop a great atmosphere!

The Fish is not just your ordinary Fish and Chips shop. With its improved management system in place plus the creative geniuses of its owners, The Fish is taking things to a higher level by helping local charities and communities that need funding. For both Mick and Brett, it is very rewarding to be in the business that they love to do and at the same time, be able to extend help to their local community.

You ask, how do you become a part of this amazing commitment? Let us put it this way: every time you purchase at least $20 from the store, $1 will be donated to the nominated charity for the month. It is not so bad, now, isn’t it? You get to enjoy a delicious meal in a well-kept location, plus, you get to extend your generosity to those who need it. To make it more exciting, The Fish will also give away some exciting prizes every week.

So the next time you get your Fish and Chips at The Fish, you don’t only enjoy a meal but you also get to help your local community. Get more involved by visiting The Fish (website link) and send in your suggestions or comments about this new undertaking.

Remember, every day is a good day at The Fish that’s why it is so likely for everyone to say they love walking into the shop! 

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