Thursday, September 12, 2013

Take a Break from Fast Food; it’s Time to Go Back to Healthy

While it is too tempting to just buy a burger from a fast food on our way to work, or just simply heat up something chilled in our microwaves to enjoy an abracadabra, instant meal invented in the 21st century, it is important if we best consider what we eat.

Yes, instant food is very convenient today especially that we need to rush. Unexplainably, we’re always in a hurry. But is that really healthy?

In this time where burgers, pizzas, and Chinese food on the go are just too tempting (and delicious, we all agree), we come to neglect a couple of good foods that we should eat every day.

Here are a few reminders to get you back on the healthy track. What should you eat? Worry no more. Consider this a refresher.
Take a Break from Fast Food

Go Fresh! Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables Every Day, Every Meal

Do not ever forget including fruits and vegetables in your diet. We all know that they are healthy; this is not new information, and it is still true now as it was before.

We should consider a good amount of the fruits and veggies every day. Just to be sure, always make sure that you’re eating enough of them; one half of your meal should compose fruits and vegetables; Squeezed juice counts, too.

Proteins, Please!

Some facts first: you need protein for the building and repair of tissues in the body. Proteins regulate body processes like transporting nutrients, making muscles contract, water balancing, and body processes. They also prevent you from easily going fatigued because it produces stamina and energy.

Sources of proteins are seafood, meats, peas, eggs, nuts, and beans. And yes, you can get creative with protein sources. These taste good, so you won’t have problems consuming them.

Don’t Go Too Salty.

You got that right. Slow down on the salt there. This is the problem of most Europeans and Americans, most especially for those who are always eating in restaurants and fast foods where they cannot control the salt content in the food served.

That is why it is best to prepare our own food. We can control salt and preservatives. If preparing vegetables, don’t go too salty. Try enjoying the natural taste of vegetables.

Whole Grains for Fibre

Daily consumption of whole grains is a must for those who are adhering to strict and healthy diet. Whole grains provide energy for the body, since they contain high complex carbohydrates. They also lubricate joints, and they help with detoxification.

Go Low- Fat... Think You Can Make It?

Choose milk products that have 1% of milk fat because they contain fewer calories but still contain the same calcium amount found in whole milk. You can still enjoy breakfast with your favourite dairy products, but choose the low-fat ones. Read the label. Also try low fat cheese grate, and you should try eating your cereal with yogurt for breakfast.

Do not Forget to Eat Seafood

And we dread this advice because we all know that seafood is a little pricey. However, we should not disregard seafood from our diet. Seafood is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, and these protect your heart and nervous system. Fish, prawns, scallops, octopus, etc are all good for you.

The key is balance, moderation, and variety. Make sure to get your protein, vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates when you eat to make it a complete meal. Be creative, so you won’t get bored with what you eat. Try spending time in your kitchen and actually enjoy it. It pays to eat right.

Craving for some Fish and Chips?

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