Friday, March 14, 2014

Fish and Chips: a Healthy Takeaway

Does “fish and chips” sound bad to you? I know a lot of people may have told you that fish and chips is not really good for your health, but that may not be totally true! It’s about time we changed that perception.
People nowadays are just crazy over staying healthy that they just believe whatever it is that they have just read, heard, or seen. That’s a very valid concern, especially that work demands good health from us.
There are really times that when we get too busy, our only option is to line up for that favourite takeaway shop to get our food, and when we get home, we are a little disappointed with what we eat because it’s not what magazines tell us.

Take fish and chips as takeaway, for example; this is a sumptuous food in a box, but people seem too horrified to eat it.
Let me ask this question: what are the key ingredients to fish and chips? The answer is: fish and potatoes. I know those words seem familiar because wherever you look, whatever you read, fish is still on top of the “healthful” list, so as potatoes.

Fish. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “fish”? Protein? That’s just one. For those who hit the gym a few times every week, fish is a healthier substitute to protein supplements you are consuming.

Next, fish is just filled with Omega 3. Omega 3 is good for the heart, right? And we all want a healthy heart for our work, and your family. Omega 3 protects your heart from diseases and it lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. We do not want those bad cholesterols, right? So, fish-up!

It is also proven that fish is good for the joints. And not just that, fish is also good for the eyes! We all thought that squash is the only food that does that to our eyes. For healthier, brighter eyes, fish is the food for you!

Fish also includes a lot more nutrients such as zinc, potassium, iodine, and selenium. Selenium helps make enzymes that help protect our bodies from cancer, and we all know that iodine is good for our thyroid glands, especially for women.

Today, a lot of people are suffering from depression. Fish can also help people mitigate or even avoid depression.

There are studies that show that potatoes are linked to weight loss. Some people prefer eating potatoes, and these people have lost a noticeable amount of their weight.

Potatoes are also a good source of other good nutrients like potassium, niacin, dietary fibre, and vitamins C and B6. 

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