Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fish Currumbin as the Best Fish and Chip Shop

Fish Currumbin is the best fish and chips shop in Australia. Most of the time, where we buy our food matters more than the food that we eat per se. If we want to have quality food, we should choose the shops carefully.

Why choose Fish Currumbin?
There are tons of fish and chips shops in Australia, but choosing where to eat is the real challenge. Fish Currumbin provides fish and chips made from quality ingredients. This shop chooses premium oils to cook the food, and there are absolutely no trans fat acids. The meat this shop chooses is lean and low in fat. And of course, because fish is the main ingredient of fish and chips, you can expect your meal to be high in protein.

Money Well-Spent
Fish Currimbin is in business for over ten wonderful years now. This shop also supports local charities. And because it is a local family business, the owners are trying their best to maintain the usual ambiance of the shop. People come here for the good, quality food they can enjoy. Moreover, people also visit the shop to eat because of that specific ambiance that no other shops have.

Equipped with the Best Staff
Aside from that ambiance, rapport is very much established in the shop. The staff is friendly and accommodating- as they are expected to be. And if you have never been to a shop where the staff remembers the customers’ names, especially the frequent ones, you will be surprised with staff addressing you with your name.

Cares for the Customers
The shop encourages you to eat fish and chips 2 to 3 times a week- not every single day because we all know that moderation is key to a healthy diet- even if we know that fish is a good source of protein and other nutrients good for our bodies.

Food Replaced
The best thing about this shop is that if you’re not absolutely satisfied with your order because you feel like the fish or the chips may be overcooked, you can have it REPLACED! Yes, the shop does care about the customers because they are not considered as just customers but a part of the Fish Currumbin family.
So, if you want your money to be well-spent, spend it at the Fish Currumbin. You will not only spend money for good food, you will also have the chance to donate money to local charities. That’s money well-spent, right?

Modes of Payment
By the way, you can choose to pay for your food in three different ways: cash, Eftpos, or credit. And, if you’re much of a planner, you can give the shop a ring first and talk to the employees about the details.
See You There!

Are you ready to enjoy a good night out with the family inside a shop where good food is served, where ambiance is at its best, and where the staff can make your dining an unforgettable one? The Fish Currumbin awaits you.

Bring your family, your friends, and even your date, and you will surely have a blast! And you can also choose to have a take away Fish Currumbin Fish and Chips

*Photo Credit to the Owner

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