Thursday, March 20, 2014

Healthy Beverages for Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a wonderful treat. Our mouths would just water just by the thought of it. If one night you decided to visit quality fish and chips shops like the Fish Currumbin, you will find it difficult to remove it from your “must-eats” every week.

You are now crossing your eyebrows because you have always thought that fish and chips aren’t really that healthy. Don’t stick to that thought; fish and chips is healthy, and we have already discussed that in our previous post.

Of course, moderation is advised. Even foods we think are healthy can be dangerous to us if we consume too much of them. This is also true in fish and chips. Moderation is considered. Fish and chips can be enjoyed at least three times a week. Even owners agree to that.

How you enjoy your fish and chips does matter. And aside from the right condiments, fish and chips must also be enjoyed with the right drinks! Gulp! Your gulps should be pleasurable, and, yes- healthy.

Sodas and beers are off from our lists! But these are very delicious pairs for fish and chips. If they just don’t bring risks, why scrape them off, right? Because they do, we will look at other alternatives.


Even the connotation of this word means “healthy”. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that fight off risks of cancer. Apart from that, green tea can also inhibit tumor growth, and it also fights off heart diseases. Fish and chips with tea is just perfect!


You can also enjoy your fish and chips with mint tea. It eases cramps and helps prevent indigestion. It is antispasmodic at the same time, which relaxes our muscles and avoids stiffness and aches.


Wine is said to have many health benefits. This drink has been studied for quite some time now, and the findings are all impressive. A few of the health benefits offered by wine: anti-aging, prevention of colon cancer, dementia, breast cancer, blinding diseases, etc.

So, if you’re not a regular wine drinker, you better take a second look.

Going Back to Moderation

Since we’re already talking about wines and their advantages, perhaps it is better if we go back to the moderation concept. As mentioned earlier, there are foods (and in this case, drinks) that are good for you, but too much intake can be damaging.

That includes wine consumption. Wine does have many different advantages, but outside moderation, it can be dangerous.

So let’s Define Moderation, Shall We?

Because women have lesser water content in the body, their alcohol consumption should be lesser compared to men. Men are allowed to have up to two drinks a day, and women should only have one.

To be more specific, even if men are allowed to have more alcohol consumption than women, they still need to limit it. It is advised that men should not regularly consume three to four units of alcohol a day. For women, it is not advisable if you consumed two to three units regularly- on a daily basis, to be more specific.  A large glass of red wine (250 ml) contains about 3 units of alcohol. You do the maths.

Ready to Start Drinking Healthy?

A lot of people might find these alternatives absurd, but your health can definitely benefit from them. Give them a try, and you’ll be surprised that fish and chips can be enjoyed with different drinks.

Fish and chips is a healthy treat; you don’t have to feel guilty when enjoying it because it is also nutritious. You can make it more nutritious if you altered it a little bit for best results!

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