Friday, March 7, 2014

Sugar: Its Bad Effects, How Much Your Body Can Tolerate, and How You Flush It Out from Your System

Mary Poppins once said: For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in a most delightful way. True. What about 10 spoonfuls of sugar? Is it still going to help you get the medicine go down? Or will you be needing treatment after insisting on eating foods high in sugar?

For one, people who constantly eat food and drink beverages high in sugar are putting their health at risk. These foods are high in calories. Calories cause you to gain weight. And for people who look at their mirrors every single day and hate themselves because they’re getting fatter and fatter, try telling that to the cans of sodas or bars of chocolates you finish every day. I know; they are easy to consume, but they’re not easy to get rid of. As they say, a second on your lips, a lifetime on the hips.

We all know the problems calories give us. Are you ready to get rid of them? One step is by getting rid of foods high in sugar from your diet plan. If you’re still not alarmed, here are more things sugar has in store for you.

The Disadvantages
When you eat food high in sugar, your pancreas will release insulin to help clear your blood of sugar. When your blood sugar level goes down, the level of insulin your pancreas produce also goes back to normal. If you eat more and more foods high in sugar, your pancreas may, one day, stop responding. Insulin will not be produced in your body anymore. That’s how people become insulin dependent. Would you like to turn into one of them? I guess not.

Because sugar suppresses the release of human growth hormone, it also makes you age faster. You can have all sorts of anti-aging injections, but if you want to cut down on cosmetics bills, you better improve your diet, get some exercise, and change your lifestyle. And everything starts with sugar- have less of it. Choose your food wisely.

Sugar also immobilizes your immune system. If you consume sugar that’s beyond the advisable level, your immune system will not work properly because your immune system will not work to its fullest for several hours. You do not want that to happen.

How Much Sugar a Day?
Don’t get me wrong; sugar is a wonderful treat. There is, however, a limit to that treat. An average person is expected to consume only 50 grams of sugar. That’s about 20 ounces of soda. Totally, that’s 10% of the total calories you’re supposed to have in a day. For people who are overweight, you may want to keep it down to 5 %.

Sugar, You’re Going Down!
Exercise can burn some glucose from your body. You can jog, do jumping jacks, or ride a bike at least 30 minutes a day. Yes- a day! If you have time eating sugary foods, you should make time eliminating sugar from your body.

You can also flush out sugar from your body by drinking lots and lots of water quickly, advisably 8 glasses of water. That amount of water will help you flush out the sugar from your body.

So, the next time you eat a candy bar or indulge yourself with a soda, think of all the bad things that await you, perhaps they will change your mind. To eat or not to eat- that is the problem! But sooner or later, after saying a few “nos” to sweets, it will become easier. 

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