Thursday, April 10, 2014

No Time for Gym? Eat Well and Run!

Gym, gym, and more gym: we always think of going to the gym, and over and over again, we fail. Why? Maybe it’s because we are just too busy. Going to the gym requires a good amount of commitment. And yes, it is exhausting.

We are too busy with work that we don’t even anymore bother scrutinizing what we eat if it is healthy or not. When it’s time to eat, we realize that we are just too hungry, and a thick burger or that cheesy slice of pizza will do- and for others, slices. One slice may just not be enough.

So we calculate: we do not get to exercise, and we eat unhealthy food. That leaves us with a big waistline and clothes that do not fit anymore. We feel exhausted and irate every day because we are just growing heavy. Have you noticed it?

We can’t do that to our body. We need to slowly get rid of bad habits and start building a healthy routine. If we have no time to go to the gym, then we’ll have to improvise. Are you with me?

To start off, here are a few good things to do. These are exercises that we can perform outside gym memberships, including food tips for a better health.

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One word but it means so much. Walking does us good. So, if you have to take the stairs, do so. That is why waking up early is also crucial. You should not be late from work every day, so you will have time to use the stairs instead of hurrying up to your office using the elevator.

You can also choose to shorten your lunch period. Instead of spending an hour for lunch, make it 20 minutes, and spend the rest of the minutes walking around.

And when you get home, try to put on some sneakers, good jogging pants, and a sweater for a quick brisk walk. Yes, you got that right, brisk. So it is not just your usual walk. You should walk faster, and your breathing should be faster as well. At the end, you will still be able to talk, but singing will be a little impossible because you’ll be catching your breath- in a good way, of course.

And no, you do not have to do it early in the morning. Some people think that it’s better if it’s early in the morning. However, late in the afternoon is better than no walking at all, right? So, do not make walking a burden. Just do it when you get home. It’s simpler that way.

Then, if you think you are already up for it, RUN!


Do not underestimate stretching. It has a lot of benefits like it relieves you from stress, keep better balance, increase flexibility and circulation, and alleviate back pain. So, the next time you feel like you’ve been in front of the computer for too long, stand up, and stretch a little bit.


Sports is always one of the best ways to stay healthy. Enjoy playing basketball, tennis, or even soccer with a few good friends. It is one good way to keep your mind and body healthy.

These little things may not so much mean to you like how gym does, but they do help, especially if time is our enemy. To keep you going, be part of a group or form a support group, so that you won’t feel tired to do these routines alone. When you’re just starting to love walking or playing sports, it will feel like an obligation, but if you have other people to join you, it will be fun!

Stay Away From...

Fatty foods. Do not order burgers or pizza all the time for lunch and dinner. Eat greens! That is why, waking up early also benefits your meal time because you will have time to prepare lunch for yourself. Therefore, you will have the option to omit a few ingredients that can be a little harmful to your waste.

Eat food high in fibre, and stay away from sweets. Sodas should be avoided at all costs.

Changing your diet is like changing your lifestyle. You know what to do. Stay away from fatty, processed foods, and try eating more vegetables and fish.

There are restaurants that serve healthy foods. You can enjoy meals there. And okay, let’s start things slower. You do not have to totally abstain from your usual food choices. Just make sure you eat lesser and lesser of them and more and more fruits and vegetables. You do not want to stay heavy forever.

Best of luck! Run and eat well!

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