Saturday, April 12, 2014

No Trans-Fat at the Fish Currumbin

I know it is a little impossible to avoid fish and chips for a whole week. When we think of that delicious deep-fried fun garnished attractively in a plate, our mouths just water, and the next thing we know, we are seated in the Fish Currumbin for another wonderful fish and chips experience.

So, you’ve been going to the fish and chips shop 3 times in a week now, and you’re feeling a little guilty because you think fish and chips may be a sumptuous meal, but it is still deep fried. You’re now beginning to consider that you have been indulging yourself with an unhealthy meal. Is it time to get a little paranoid?

There are really researches that have proven fried food to be unhealthy. They have found out that there are diseases caused by constantly consuming fried foods.
That is why we get to think that ALL fried foods are bad; that even though we are enjoying our fish and chips in the best fish and chips shop, the Fish Currumbin, we are still plagued at the back of our minds with guilt that just won’t go away.

A research also has proven that not all fried food is bad. Sometimes, it just really depends on the type of oil one uses to get the food done.

And if you’ve encountered the words “trans-fat”, that is probably why your fried food is unhealthy.

Trans-fat is really bad for the body. It increases the bad cholesterol in the body and helps decrease the good cholesterol. But a lot of us love trans-fat because they make food way too delicious. Eating trans-fatty food can be a delight to the tongue, but not to your arteries.

So, the next time you want to enjoy a taste bud-friendly fried delight like fish and chips, you better make sure that the oil used for cooking is not filled with trans-fat.

That is the best thing about the Fish Currumbin. The restaurant does not use trans-fatty oil, making your food both delicious and healthy. You won’t feel guilty enjoying your fried good at most three times a week. Whenever you get cravings for fish and chips, this is the right place for you!

And not that just, The Fish Currumbin uses premium ingredients to make sure that the customers, whom the restaurant considers as family, will not only have a good, delicious meal but a safe and healthy one as well. The people of Fish Currumbin make sure that they serve only the best to their clients.

Of course, you should consider moderation. There is no food that you can eat without moderation. Even consuming a lot of food filled with fibre is not advised because when maintaining proper diet, there should be moderation in any food or food product. Yuo also need to vary your food choices.

But you are always welcome in the Fish Currumbin if you think you haven’t maxed out your three times a week quota just yet.


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