Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why You Need to Include Seafood in Your Shopping List

Scraping out seafood from your long shopping list to cut off the costs may be doing you more “bad” than good. What is the reason why we scrap off sea foods from our lists? A lot of us think that sea foods are expensive, and most of the time we cannot find the right store to trust for our sea foods venture. We need them fresh, and sometimes we get frustrated from the ones displayed in stores- expensive but a little stale.

Even so, we need to try our best to get sea foods in our meals. Fish, for example, is a simple sea food but it comes with a lot of good things.

Why Sea Foods?


We eat pork, chicken, and beef for protein supply. We all know the importance of protein, right? And these are the food categories supply our bodies with protein. However, at times these may taste like they have already over-acclimated our taste buds. We may need alternatives. Fish is a good alternative, and it is better than pork, beef, or chicken because it is low in saturated fats like most of the creatures found in the sea or even in rivers.

Fish is also high in Omega 3. Health conscious people are crazy about omega 3. This gives us energy and it keeps us from aging fast. You think all those night creams can help you lose a few signs of aging? Omega 3 does. It works way better than those topical creams.

Eating sea foods is loving your heart. Omega 3 fatty acids protect your heart, and it reduces blood triglyceride levels. However, let us not think of this as magic. If you have a heart disease, omega 3 can just help you lower the risks, not completely eliminate them. This is not a medication.

Pregnant women are also encouraged to consume well-cooked fish, especially in their third trimester. Studies suggest that fish reduces the risks and chances of premature birth. Plus, it also improves the baby’s intelligence. But yes, moderation is still key. Even though fish is good for you, you simply cannot think of “overdosing”. When you’re pregnant, it is still best to consult your doctor about your fish consumption.

Studies also show that sea foods have this certain ability and components that help reduce chances of depression, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Depression is very common to a lot of people, and they are usually people who have low omega 3 intake.

A thing that we may not know about sea foods is that they boost the vitamins and minerals we intake. It’s like your vitamins and minerals consumed are given a hand to work faster and better.

For people who hit the gym and get buffed up, you can start cooking fish for muscle repair instead of focusing on meat all the time. Fish works better!

Those things alone should have already convinced you. Health is wealth. We need to take care of our bodies, especially our hearts. We should do the best we can to maintain a healthy, active body.

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