Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reasons Why You Should Snooze More

A lot of people are constantly going to the gym and making the right food choices. They are on the right track. But of course, going to the gym takes time, including cooking as well. With all the demands at work, we sure wish we have more hours in a day to finish all the things we need to do.

That leads people to trim down sleeping hours, which is not a very wise thing to do. We are constantly bombarded with things that threaten our health, and lack of sleep is just one of them. 

When we were young, we were told to get at least 10 hours of sleep. And now that we’ve grown a little, we are required to have 8 hours. Tough! With all the reports, the gym hours, the cooking, the PTAs, meetings, play dates (for parents), and even the social life of singles- it is just too impossible to get those ideal sleep hours. BUT we have to. That is why time management is crucial. Now, I will not teach you how to manage your time because you have probably learned that one in high school. I will share to you how important sleep is.

Enough Sleep Improves Your Memory

When you’re trying to learn something, you can perform better after you sleep. And you will be less irritable in the morning because you are well rested at night. Remember the days when you were just plain cranky and forgetful? Yes, that was the time when you did not enough sleep the night before.


Sleep is Cleaning Time

When we sleep, this is our body’s to eliminate our toxins. Of course, lack of sleeps affects how you wake up in the morning. You can tell by how you feel when you wake up if your body’s detox process is really working or not. 


Rid of Physical Pains

The everyday physical pains that disturb you like the pain in the neck, headache, or even on your back may be signs of sleep deprivation. Normally, we tend to seek the help of pain relievers if we are attacked by these pains. However, we need to consider that perhaps our bodies are just tired; that medication is not the answer. Sleep is.  


Boost Immune System

Sleep helps us boost our immune system. If we constantly lack sleep, we will easily catch flu, colds, and other infections and diseases. We do not want that. We canot work and live properly if we are constantly attacked by these disturbing sicknesses. 


Care for Your Heart

Studies show that those who lack sleep are exposed to health risks such as hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and increased stress hormone levels. 

So the next time you think that finishing three cups of coffee is enough to get you by and you’re saved for the day because you don’t feel sleepy anymore, think again. You lack sleep, and you’ve probably consumed the amount of caffeine the body is allowed for a day.

There is even a study that shows that taking a power nap during lunch time is good because it lessens the risks of cardiovascular diseases. 

So, do everything that you have to as fast as you can, so you can give your body the sleep it deserves!
Good night!

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