Thursday, May 29, 2014

The 5 Wonders of Garlic You Need to Know About

The trend today is choosing good food, yet a lot of people still fail to do it. Even the takeaways are altered at home to put an extra “healthiness” to it. Some people cut off the condiments and whip up a salad with a low-fat dressing just to make sure everything stays healthy for dinner... or lunch.

Unfortunately, there are other vegetables that people avoid, like garlic. Oh, yes. Garlic is classified as a vegetable than a spice.

A lot of people cook garlic, though, than eat it raw because of its pungent smell. But garlic has a lot of good things to offer.

Garlic for Acne Troubles

This works a lot! Just rub a sliced garlic clove on a pimple. This is an effective topical treatment. However, you should not do this often because garlic can burn your skin. Don’t leave it too long, too. Make it stay there for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse your whole face.

Garlic for Hair

Garlic has a high level of allicin, which is a sulphur element also found in onions. This element reduces hair loss. All you have to do is to rub the garlic on your scalp while squeezing it at the same time to extract its juice. If you want, you can mix olive oil with garlic and rub it on your scalp.

Garlic and Athlete’s Foot

To treat you athlete’s foot, just soak your feet on a basin with hot water and a lot of crushed garlic. This beats topical creams! Wait for 20 minutes tops until you remove your feet from the basin.

Garlic and Colds

Boost up your immune system because garlic is filled with antioxidants. This helps you prevent cold outbreaks! If, however, colds do get the best of you, try sipping on garlic tea. It’s simple to do. Chop or mince garlic, seep it in hot water, strain, and drink. You’ll feel better soon!

Garlic and Weight Gain

This is what you want to know. Garlic does inhibit weight gain! Always include garlic in your meals, and your weightproblems can be controlled. You can even mince up garlic and ginger, mix it with some olive oil- and you have yourself a healthy condiment. Add salt if you want to.

Garlic may not be the friendliest for your taste buds, but it sure offers a lot more than a pungent taste and a funny smell in your mouth afterwards. The health benefits of garlic cannot be offset by its smell. 

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