Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Store Fresh and Fried Fish in the Fridge

Fish is just one treat that we can never resist. We love fish. Even in fast food chains right now, fish is a big hit. Like the famous Fish Currumbin. It serves the best Fish and Chips in town, and not only that, the staff serves the food and accommodates customers with style and extra friendliness. And the ambiance feels like home.

That’s why when we get home, we tend to try and recreate whatever it is that we’ve found in restaurants like the Fish Currumbin. We may, at some point, succeed, but at times, we also fail. But who says we can’t keep on trying, right?

That’s why we keep fish in our fridge because perhaps one Saturday night we feel a little festive but out of budget, we simply reach for what’s inside our fridge and make the best of them. At these times we are usually reminded by our favourite restaurant orders. Then, we recreate them.

But have you ever had your hopes down when you finally removed that fish from your fridge and only to find out it’s almost rotten? That’s a bummer, right? Some people, perhaps, unfortunately, you’re one of them, don’t know how to store fish. It’s pretty simple, really.

  • Remove fish from its wrapper.
  • Gut it. Remove the internal organs.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with COLD water.
  • Pat the fish dry.
  • Cover the fish tightly using aluminium foil or plastic wrap.
  • Place it on the coldest part of the fridge.
NOTE: make sure that you wrap it as tightly as you can. Raw fish have juices. It’s best if these juices will not catch other food closest to it. Pretty simple, right?

Now that you know the basic tips in preserving your fish, it’s time to experiment on your cooking skills. And yes, you’re tempted to recreate the fish and chips at the Fish Currumbin. But alas! You cooked too much. You got excited, perhaps. The question is, do you know how to store fried fish? If not, here are a few good simple tips:

§  Fish and chips are eaten with condiments. And if most of your fish are already partly bathed in mayo or ketchup, scrape it off. The condiments make the meat of the fish more flaccid. Scrape off whatever liquid attached to the meat.

§  Look for an air-tight container and place the fish there.
NOTE: Do not place hot fish in an air-tight container. The steam that the container and the heat create makes the meat damp and again flaccid.

§   Place the fish in the fridge. Remember, it should be in an air-tight container, so that its smell won’t go out, and the other smell of food in your fridge can’t go in.

When recreating food from the Fish Currumbin, make sure you use quality ingredients. That restaurant is famous for the quality food they serve. Premium fish, oil with no trans fat, and the best, healthiest condiments there is. 

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